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Reset for PvP weapons and Crystals
2016-07-26 at 1:39 PM
The reset for PvP weapons and crystals will begin from tomorrow (Tuesday, 26th of July). Due to the large number of players affected, the change will apply to you all gradually, so it is completely normal if you and your friends don't experience the reset at the same time, but we will try our best to complete the change as soon as possible to minimize the effect.
Together with it we will also roll out the following compensation to all players:

All materials used in upgrading PvP weapons and crystal up to the 24th of July will be returned, plus an additional 20% of the materials used.
50% of the runes used in opening battlefield chests up to the 24th of July will be returned to players.

The drop count of PvP weapons and crystal materials in low level chests will also be increased.
In addition, for the high level players who had previously upgraded their weapons to a very high level, we will be sending as compensation a rare fashion item “Enchanted Fiery Demon Wings II".

These changes will all roll out after the regular maintenance tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding!
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