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[Update 4] Update Notes!
2016-06-20 at 1:05 PM
[Update 4] Update Notes!

The 4th Update of Order & Chaos 2: Redemption is arriving! Gather your teams and battle for the ultimate supremacy in Haradon with new features that’s coming in this update:

< Battlefield >
Wait is over! You can now prove yourself as the ultimate Hero in Haradon in PvP Battlefield!
Team-up in a competitive and exciting 3v3 Arena!
Kill your opponents, steal their resource points, and dominate the battlefield
Prevent the other team from snatching victory by taking out the boss before they do!
Rise through the leagues and unlock great rewards!
Earn through combat new PvP gear and weapons!

Check out SpeedFreak’s in-depth talkthrough of this new feature.

< Improved User Interface >
We have improved the user-interface for smoother controls and gameplay!
New Camera lock feature will ensure less interference on your adventures.

Check out SpeedFreak’s in-depth talkthrough of this new feature

Discover answers as you battle in this all new Classic Dungeon!
Three unique Boss challenges that will put you to the ultimate test.
Take on reptilian beasts and help rescue a familiar soul.

Check out SpeedFreak’s in-depth talkthrough of this new feature

The Dungeon will go live in the 2nd week after the update.

< Special In-game Event – KAEMON NOCTURNAL FESTIVAL >
Join the celebrations at Soulhaven every night for mysterious prizes from another world!
Journey into a nightmare and take back your soul in a special Solo Dungeon!

The Dungeon will go live in the 5th week after the update.

< Misc Changes and fixes >

1. New companions and mounts, including the monstrous Azure Wyrm!
2. All new Epic gear and a PvP Buccaneer set!
3. New outfit management system: Switch outfits with a single tap!
4. All new Phostenium crystals to enhance your PvP might!
5. Increased drop rate for rare dungeon loot!
6. Invite friends for wonderful rewards.
7. New items, vanities, and much more!

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