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Crusaders of Light: Leveling Tips
1. Handy Leveling Tips for 1-30

Greetings Crusaders,

Getting experience in Crusaders of Light is fairly straightforward. Simply complete quests to progress. Killing things like boars or crabs (grinding) will NOT gain you XP and help you level. As long as you play the game and utilize the Quest Guide (click on the quest text at the top left hand side of your screen), you will advance through the game and story.

That being said, there are a few tips that can help make your leveling trip the smoothest it can possibly be.

Levels 1-12
Levels 1-12 are pretty easy. Complete the tutorial, and follow up with early quests along the crab beach and other related locations. Remember, the Quest Guide feature can keep you on track, so use it to your advantage! Simply click the quest text at the upper right hand side of your game screen and watch your character path to the next objective.

Level 13
Right as you reach level 13, you may realize the only quest you have left in the main quest chain is to complete your first dungeon. Dungeons can be rough at lower levels, especially if you are only going through them with a couple of other people and don’t have a great healer in your party, but don’t despair! Daily and Reputation quests are your answer! Complete any Daily or Reputation Quest available to you and you’ll progress to level 13. Then, you’ll have brand new quests to tackle.

Level 14-28
Again, the main story quests are your friend. Keep at it, and do any optional quests that become available. The experience will flow like water, and you should see steady progress. Enjoy your new skills, maybe try a different build or two, and don’t forget you have daily quests available if further progress on the main quest chain requires you to tackle a new dungeon.

Speaking of Dungeons, you’ll definitely want to consider doing the dungeon quests you have available a few levels after they unlock to get the awesome gear rewards. And maybe a few more times after that. Be patient with newer players, and help them reach your level!

Levels 29-30
Here’s where the flow of experience from the main quest chain starts to slow down, becoming a peaceful brook instead of a mighty roaring river. Daily and Reputation Quests will become more and more important, don’t miss out on the Guild quests available. If you don’t see a guild you want to join, start one yourself! Trial tasks are the most important daily.

Source: http://forums.netease-na.com/topic/434-handy-leveling-tips-for-1-30/

2. Daily Activity

To get Max Character Experience, Talent Exp and Items do following every Day. (Some Events unlock after a specific level)

Main Quests
Dungeons until you are exhaust. (4-6 Dungeons)
80 Trials and Strange Event -> Adventure -> Reputation Task -> Council of Light
Preperation Quest -> Adventure -> Reputation Task -> Reavedge Village
Q&A's -> Adventure -> Reputation Task -> Thundercall Academy
Tounce Demons -> Adventure -> Reputation Task -> Whiterose Village
Wine Expedition -> Adventure -> Reputation Task -> Yearnstar City
Supply Delivery -> Adventure -> Events -> Daily Events
Tournaments -> Adventure - > Events -> Daily Events
Elemental Leader -> Adventure -> Events -> Timed Events

Also check Timed Events and when they open to do them.

Open Map Events you can find if you open your map. You can get Reward for 2 Map Events each day.

Also on the Top u can see Today's Monsters xxx/xxx -> Adventure -> Reputation Task
Go to Cudina or Thundercall Academy in the Reputation Task and click then on the double swords icon to get to the mobs and kill them to get more Reputation.