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Crusaders of Light: Gems
Adding or removing Gems from your Equipment is totally free.

You can get Gems from Events, Dungeons or buy them in the Item Mall for Silver
(Trade -> Item Mall -> Medal Store -> Gem Store)

Also if you dismantle a Gem for example a Lvl 30 Dragoneye you get 100.000 Silver, the same amount of Silver which it costs in the Gem Store.

You can add or remove Gems when u click on Equip -> Embed
To put a Gem in your Equipment click on the right side on the Gem, to remove it click on the middle.

For each Equipment you can only add the kind of Gems which is shown on the right side.
For example, to a Cape you can only add 2 kind of Gems (Radiance & Dazzling), while on your Weapon u can add 5 different kind of Gems (Dragoneye, Nightmoon, Fireworks, Moonlight & Sparkling).