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Crusaders of Light: Stamina
At the start of the game your character will have a total of 100 stamina.

The maximum stamina is 200.

Regenerate 20 Stamina Points for completing a Dungeon for the first time
Regenerate 1 Stamina per Trial Quest (Max 20)
Regenerate 1 Stamina per Preperation Quest (Max 10)
Regenerate 7 Stamina per Faction Quest
Regenerate 10 Stamina by completing Strange Events
Every Day: Each Dungeon 20 Stamina on FIRST KILL (2 Bosses / 10 Each)
1 Tournament Battle will Regenerate 3 Stamina (Max 5 times)
Final Challenge Battle (3v3) will Regenerate 3 Stamina (Max 10 times)
1 Irritable Elemental will Regenerate 4 Stamina (Max 5 times)
1 Elemental Lord will Regenerate 7 Stamina (Max 2 times)
Faction Quest will Regenerate ?? Stamina

Consume 5 Stamina when talking in World Chat
Consume 5 Stamina when collecting Small Treasure Boxes
Consume 10 Stamina when collecting Large Treasure Boxes
Consume 1 Stamina when gathering resources from normal field maps
Consume 10 Stamina when gathering resources from Guild Property