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Crusaders of Light: Skills

Select Skills from your Sidebar

In the Task Active Skill you can upgrade your skills, u can single upgrade a skill or auto upgrade all if you have enough Talent Experience

Click on equip skills, to drag & drop the skills in your sidebar

In the Task Path you can see the 3 different skill trees. You can only enable 1 path at the same time from this 3. Upgrade the skills how you want and how it is the best for your gameplay or skill rotation.

In the Task Rune Upgrade you can upgrade passive skills to boost them or get better attributes. This is individual too and depends on your gameplay or which skills you use.

In the Task Life Skill you can see your profession. Warriors should select Ore Mining and Rangers & Mystics Plant Collection. (You can choose it from a Quest while u level up your Character)
Here you can craft material for gear & jewelry