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Crusaders of Light: Reputation Tasks
Adventure -> Reputation Tasks.

Reputation Tasks are Quests / Events. You unlock more Tasks while you level up your character.

When you complete a Reputation Task you get Reputation Points for this Task.
There are 5 different stages, which will unlock Items in the Reputation Store.
If you do every Day all your Tasks, you get fast to Worship and can buy all items from the Task in the Reputation Store.

Fondness 3000 Points
Respect 6000 Points
Reverence 12000 Points
Veneration 21000 Points
Worship 35000 Points

If you click on More you will get to the Reputation Store

On the left top you can see todays monsters.
For example the Cudina task, you have to kill monsters, just click on the small map on the double swords icon to get there.
Click on the green exclamation mark to get more infos about the daily monsters.